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Testimonial - Ferguson Insights

Why Ferguson Insights

Listen to what clients said in a confidential survey

“Professional, smart, collaborative, research expertise, easy to work with…She brought great insights to our business.”


“She is a top-notch researcher, detailed yet able to see the big picture. Very accommodating, able to relate well to both clients and respondents…She brings all of her knowledge and expertise to the project, then executes flawlessly.”


“Outstanding communicator. One of the best at working with target audiences to uncover the underlying insight. Drives comfort with audiences and knows how to ask the right or variant questions to get deeper. Also great at communicating with management. Highly intelligent and understands things quickly.”


“Listens, ask questions, really invests in the process. She provided insights to help create action plans…the consummate professional.”


“Scarlett can really dig into a research objective and provide great insights. Her research is very thorough and has a lot of great detail.”


“Flexible, high quality final report, non-biased perspective, value-add through the whole research process.”


“We have been working with Scarlett for several years, so she has a deep understanding of our customers and can apply that across our different projects.”


“She provides a high-quality service via an objective lens. She answers our research questions based on the data and insights, even if the final answer isn’t the one we wanted to hear.”


“Scarlett has helped us understand our consumer at a deeper level and humanize them. This has helped us create solutions to problems and innovative ways to connect with our customers.”


“Scarlett does a great job understanding the questions we’re trying to answer and putting together a research plan that accomplishes the objectives. She always puts together a professional product that steers us in the right direction.”

Better Research. Better Decisions.

P: 763-478-5158


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