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How We Help Clients

“Scarlett has helped us understand our consumer at a deeper level and humanize them.
This has helped us create solutions to problems and innovative ways to connect with our customers.”

Improved Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Deeply understand the experience that customers have with your brand to target improvements and increase brand advocacy.

• Retention is declining, what needs to happen to reverse this trend?

•What is the journey like to become a customer? How are you to work with at various points in the relationship? What improvements will have the greatest impact?

• What do customers think of your program? What changes would maximize involvement and impact?

• If you change how you engage and serve customers, how might that impact their experience? How can negative feelings be mitigated?

More Customer-Centered Product Development

Determine how your product can best meet the market's needs, differentiate you from the competition and increase the odds for sustainability.

• Is there a market for the new product that has been developed? What are the key benefits and concerns associated with it?

• What features should this service include? How is it different from other offerings? What is the best way to motivate trial?

• How should your product be improved? What does the market think of changes being considered?

• Why isn’t your program being adopted? How can it be made more appealing to increase engagement?

More Targeted Brand,
Positioning and

Know your customers, what is important to them, and the most effective way to position your company and products.

• What are the customer personas that you serve? How do their needs differ? How should you communicate with each?

• What is your brand’s value proposition? What are the emotional and rational reasons that people buy from you?

• How could you more effectively position and differentiate your company from competitors?

• How well do sales materials and websites explain your offerings? What messages do they convey?

Greater Clarity Around the Purchase Process and Decision Making

Understand how and why customers decide to buy to align your sales process with their needs.

• What does the purchase process look like? What are the best ways to reach and engage customers?

• What is important to each segment? How should you respond to their needs?

• How do you compare to competitors? Why do you win some customers and lose others?

• How can you attract more high value customers?

Better Research. Better Decisions.

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