How we provide deep discoveries to improve your business

“Scarlett brings a multi-faceted, and hands-on methodology to focus group studies that engage participants
in activities that promote balanced discussion, individual opportunities for creative and thoughtful expression and detailed decision-making process mapping.

The final report she delivered to my institution presented a wealth of actionable intelligence for us to use in
re-tooling our college student recruitment media and messaging.”

Chief Marketing Officer

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Primary Research Design and Execution – Our designs focus on how we can most effectively answer your questions, while committing to your timing and budget needs.

Customized Interview and Questionnaire Development – Our approaches get respondents to share the stories that help you more deeply understand their needs and expectations.

Sample Management and Recruitment Screening - Great care is taken to ensure that our sample reflects the market and includes those you are most interested in, not just those who are easiest to reach.

Expert Moderating – Issues are explored through an objective lens and use a variety of hands-on techniques and questioning styles to provide deep discoveries about your customers.

Quantitative Data Collection and Management – Trusted associates implement our large studies and share our penchant for quality sampling and data collection.

Insightful Reports that Focus on Action - With eyes towards how you will use the information, we turn the data and comments inside out until we have crafted a presentation that gives you a first-hand understanding of your market.

Report Options that Fit Your Needs - We tailor the report style to your needs, whether that is a deep dive into all aspects of the research, a concise topline, profiles to personalize individual customers, personas that describe various segments of your customers, or an interactive report to communicate across a variety of departments in a large organization.

Better Research. Better Decisions.

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